Mount Analogue’s publishing is an artistic exploration of print media. Their publication of artist’s editions are characterised by a close, long term collaboration with each artist, in which the print media is the premise and the focus. For enquiries on any of the following publications please contact:

Tris Vonna-Michell:
No more racing in circles – just pacing within lines of a rectangle box set edition (2021)

The audiotape box set No more racing in circles – just pacing within lines of a rectangle is a numbered edition box set containing four audiotapes and liner notes with a text contribution by Jan Verwoert. The audiotapes contain either live performance recordings or performances made in recording studios, often merging spoken narrations, instrumental improvisations and musical compositions. They capture the various approaches to the artist’s use of spoken narration as well as documenting the collaborative aspects of performing and sound composition.

Edition: 100 (numbered)
Publishers: Frans Masereel Centrum and Mount Analogue
Price: EUR 100

Marc Matter and Stefan Römer:
De-conceptual Voicings LP vinyl (2019)

Deconceptual Voicings consists of individual tracks composed from interviews with artists primarily recorded for the film essay Conceptual Paradise. Matter and Römer selected statements and transformed them into a musical composition, i.e. turned the audio material (field recordings) into songs. 

Edition: 500
Publishers: Mount Analogue and Slimvolume
Price: EUR 23 

Tris Vonna-Michell:
No more racing in circles – just pacing within lines of a rectangle box set edition (2019)

The box set edition No more racing in circles – just pacing within lines of a rectangle (2019) is Tris Vonna-Michell’s reflection on the impact of performing several narrations during a concentrated timespan over a number of years. The publication addresses several time markers in Vonna-Michell’s practice as well as durational aspects of writing and performing.

Edition: 200
Publishers: Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite, Mount Analogue and Slimvolume
Price: EUR 80

Ania Mauruschat:
Music as Seismographic Sound / Tracking Down the Idea of Cultural Translation publication (2018)

The publication Music as Seismographic Sound / Tracking Down the Idea of Cultural Translation is a written radio pitch by Ania Mauruschat, closely following musicians in bi- or multi-lingual cultural contexts.

Publishers: Humboldt Book and Mount Analogue
Edition: 500
Price: EUR 15

Henrik Andersson:
Participant Observers monograph publication (2018)

Henrik Andersson´s monograph publication Participant Observers was developed out of a solo exhibition he made at Marabouparken Konsthall. The show and this subsequent publication addresses the presence and history of the Swedish defense science facilities, which closed in 2005.

Publishers: Marabouparken Konsthall and Mount Analogue
Edition: 400
Price: EUR 15

Johanna Gustafsson Fürst:
Inte det molnet | Not That Cloud monograph publication (2017)

Inte det molnet | Not That Cloud (2017) is a monograph exploring the practice of Swedish multidisciplinary artist Johanna Gustafsson Fürst. It is the result of a collaboration between Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, the editors and publisher Mount Analogue, Jonas Williamsson who has designed the publication and six contributors who give their perspective on works by Gustafsson Fürst in text.

Edition: 400
Publisher: Mount Analogue
Price: EUR 20

Pol Matthé:
Boxed In, Eight Corners multiple edition (2016)

Pol Matthé’s multiple edition Boxed In, Eight Corners (2016) is related to his installation A Lag, A Stretch, A Triangle, exhibited at Mount Analogue, Stockholm, in 2016. The installation consists of two overhead projectors connected by a plank of wood. An odd number of balls can be rolled from one octagonal frame to the other, and are projected on the ceiling of the exhibition space. The ripped image shows the Danish artist Asger Jorn in front of the Silkeborg Museum holding a scrap wooden panel with the word ’malet.’ The multiple is accompanied by a booklet, containing Sis Matthé´s response to the work.

Edition: 50 (+5 AP)
Publishers: Mount Analogue and Z Forlag
Price: EUR 75

Elisabeth Kihlström and Yuki Higashino:
Travelling Light edition (2014)

The edition Travelling Light sums up two years of joint work and journey by the artists Elisabeth Kihlström and Yuki Higashino. It was produced during their collaborative exhibition Port at Mount Analogue, Stockholm, and was presented to mark the closing of the exhibition.

Edition: 50
Publishers: Mount Analogue and Post Chimney
Price: 50 EUR 

Mattin and Hong-Kai Wang:
Collapsing Ourselves LP vinyl (2014)

When artists collaborate, they collapse themselves – or that would be the promise, at least. They see their practice reflected in someone else’s and they try to pass through the mirror. What Hong-Kai Wang and Mattin have attempted in this record, and these recordings, is to reflect on that process of reflection and to explore the possibilities of collapse. 

– excerpt from liner text by Mike Sperlinger

Edition: 500
Publishers: Audio Visual Arts (AVA) and Mount Analogue
Price: 15 EUR 

Tris Vonna-Michell:
Capitol Complex / Ulterior Vistas LP vinyl and book publication (2013)

Capitol Complex (2012-2014) and Ulterior Vistas (2012-2013), both of which are encapsulated on a ten-inch vinyl record. The spoken-word compositions are enclosed within a gatefold design and accompanied by the Capitol Complex manuscript as a booklet insert and a bound series of Ulterior Vistas photographic montages.

Edition: 400
Publisher: Focal Point Gallery and Mount Analogue
Price: 30 EUR 

Diana Kaur (as editor):
AK28 Revisited and Three Parallel Visions publication (2011) 

ak28 was a self-organised, primarily self-funded, collective of artists, architects and curators, which ran a space for exhibiting artistic practices in Stockholm between 2003 – 2009. This book combines the legacy of ak28 with the presentation of three individual artistic stances derived from varying collaborative experiences.

Edition: 500
Publisher: Mount Analogue
Price: 12 EUR